Sea Mountain Inn
Palm Springs, Southern California, USA

Reflect, relax, spa, enjoy the premier nude spa retreat in Southern California.

  • Enjoy a whirlpool and contemplate the mountains above you
  • Relax in the sun all day and swim free in a mineral water pool
  • Our curative mineral waters have been used for centuries as the most pure and healing in the world
  • Feel the 24 hour mineral water whirlpool massage the tension from your busy life at our refreshing, up scale and sensual desert oasis
  • Sauna bliss
  • Sun bathe au natural
  • Sleep all day in newly designed 5-Star guest rooms
  • Escape to the number one California exclusive VIP retreat
  • Enjoy the world's only 24 hour lounge club Taboo Gardens as music pumps you day and night - Slip inside to enjoy beverages and wines
  • A Lifestyles friendly experience, the ultimate nude resort hotel experience with nude pool and nude spas
  • Fresh foods set out for you all day long
  • Party like a rock star or retreat to your private flat-screen TV and Four Seasons bed with Egyptian linens
  • Remember laughter?
  • Are the clouds in the way? Do not fret
  • Enjoy our world famous Sea Mountain Inn Tandem Massages for one or two

An experience dedicated to pleasure. A spa fantasy land for you - magic returns, your wishes are fulfilled.

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